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From a small village in Pakistan to San Diego in America! Sughar for International Brand Award

Sughar has a big goal, A goal to create a society where women are not killed for Honor but are honored and given equal status.

We have been struggling for years, to reach this goal, to find the right track, the right strategy and the right moment to directly connect with the tribal traditions we were intending to change! Eventually we realized that we weren’t changing traditions because it was the knowledge to choose which tradition is positive and negative that keeps the customs like Honor Killing, Exchange Marriage and Child Marriages alive.

We decided to think of a way to stop criticizing the people's values and started working on changing the strategy of Sughar, which was ultimately very unique! We approached tribal leaders, Mullahs and influential men in villages, declaring our connection to their values and that we wanted to promote those traditions. We wanted to start with promoting Music and Language from various traditions in Balochistan, later declaring that Embroidery is one of the most ancient forms of traditions. Through embroidery we can eventually promote customs which are beautiful.

Sughar was allowed and supported by the tribal leaders to create centers in villages where women would come to make embroidery every day. Embroidery adds value for these women and each stitch has a story to tell the world! This center was to become the HUB where we give women education, life skills, enterprise training and awareness, as well as teach them how to generate income for each product they create!

Launching Pakistan's first ever women brand was also one of those ideas! To empower these women in the Fashion Industry of Pakistan. In February 2012 we Launched Sughar, the brand that tribal and rural women in Pakistan, designed, created, launched, and owned!

This brand is now global! Sustainable Brands Awards has asked us to join 27 Brands from all around the world, to receive the International Brand Award! This is our first and only chance to make it happen, to finally let the world know about these beautiful traditions in Pakistan and to give Sughar and the tribal women the attention that they deserve!

We are highly in need of your VOTE, our success along with these women's hopes depend on you and you can make this happen by going to this link and clicking VOTE on our page, believe me you are never going to regret that click of your life.

Be with us and be our strength~

Sughar Team

Watch Sughar Brand Launch Fashion Show Video Created by Media Voice Films in Pakistan!

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