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UNESCO Youth Forum

This week, I had the honor of joining UNESCO for a gathering of incredible young activists and social entrepreneurs from all around the world at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

Sughar Foundation, Executive Director, Khalida Brohi at Unesco.

This gathering, called “Rethinking Youth Engagement with UNESCO”, was like a hackathon, creating ideas for how UNESCO could enhance its engagement with young change-makers, as well as scale-up their outstanding youth actions.

Representing the tribal and rural youth of Pakistan, Khalida emphasized the need to create more economic opportunities for young people. Khalida wants to take measures to introduce the youth to the opportunities that are already in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a thriving country of amazing minds, but those minds often don't have access to or information about existing opportunities, like grant programs, scholarships, and basic training that would empower them to start their own businesses or initiatives. For decades this gap has deprived the youth of knowing what they can do to create change in their families and societies. I have seen young people excitedly share ideas and skills but often don't have access to platforms to utilize them.

I am deeply grateful to UNESCO for its continuous efforts to ensure youth participation in their planning processes. It is the best way to encourage change.

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Syed Usman Hamid
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