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Unleashing the potential

in women.

We believe that change is possible when every individual is involved. A pivotal step in our process is to mobilize every man and woman, in every village or town, to join the project.

Women are naturally skilled and confident leaders. If we provide them with more coaching and opportunities then they’re better able to unleash their potential.

Our role in serving women is to initiate and facilitate the process of empowerment. We acknowledge that we cannot empower others, that power is the woman’s alone.

Sughar means “skilled and confident women”. At Sughar Foundation we believe that every woman embodies skill and confidence. Our aim is to create a society where women are not killed for honor, but are honored and given equal status. All they need is opportunities to unleash the potential in them.

About Sughar

Sughar Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that supports women in Pakistan. The Foundation facilitates training and skills development for women, as well as provides them with opportunities for launching small businesses. Together with partner organizations in Pakistan, we aim to reach out to districts marked for violence against women.

Our Model

In order to create opportunities to empower women, we've created a successful model that is easy for local organizations in different provinces to replicate in their tribes and villages. If you give honor to one woman, she will then create opportunities for other women to do so.

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We are delighted to launch our first grantmaking cycle! We seek to fund non-profit organizations in Pakistan whose mission is to economically empower women.

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